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Feb 2017. Reggie and I both really enjoyed the sessions he never took his eyes off me throughout the sessions we attended I’m February and slept as soon as i put him in the car. I would recommend cheerful cherubs to new mums, even if your baby is already very chilled out as it is a perfect excuse to have them staring at you for 30 minutes solid, Rating 4/5

Feb 2017. 
We started baby massage in January 2017 and thoroughly enjoyed every session. The friendly atmosphere and tutorials were first class. I’d also like to add a little side note that since having my baby girl I was diagnosed with postnatal depression/social anxiety and my aim for the new year was to survive a class with strangers. I feel we struck gold with Jo & Andy and their warm and comforting classes. I personally have learnt far more than just massage techniques and my confidence and bond with baby has never been stronger. Thank you so much. Rating 5/5


Jan 2017. I loved baby massage with Cheerful Cherubs. Jo was a great teacher and I learnt some great techniques to help soothe my baby. My only comment would be for sessions to be longer as I was expecting 1hour sessions, the sessions seemed to be over too quickly and it would have been lovely to have been able to stay and chat for a while too!! Rating 5/5
Laura BW


Jan 2017. Really good course, some of the techniques learnt have been invaluable in soothing my baby. It is really flexible to be able to tailor the massage to whatever suits your own little one. Highly recommend it – Jo is a great teacher. Rating 5/5
Suzie W


Jan 2017. Fantastic course, Jo was a great teacher. We all really enjoyed it and have found baby massage useful and well worth having done – thank you. Rating 5/5
Kate L


September 2016. Started our baby massage today and Jo was brilliant with my wriggly toddler – positive the massage techniques helped at bedtime so a really good start thank you. Rating 5/5
Nicky R


May 2016. Absolutely loved baby massage with jo. Would highly recommend to anyone who is considering it. Nice small group. Great for bonding with baby. Thank you jo x Rating 5/5


April 2016. My baby had colic and baby massage was a way for us both to take time out. Cheerful Cherub’s was a relaxing, friendly place to be and Jo is lovely. Highly recommended!


Feb 2015. Jo’s welcoming, relaxed teaching style made the classes very enjoyable and baby massage is a lovely, bonding experience for mum and baby.


Feb 2015. Thank you Chloe really enjoyed it. Slept for a couple of hours after can’t believe it. Highly recommended classes, looking forward to next week.


Jan 2015. Loved this, as did Hannah. We’ve now made it part of her bedtime routine which works really well.


Jan 2015. Such a lovely thing to do with your baby. We both enjoyed it so much. I now use baby massage as part of Jayda’s bed time routine every night, she loves it. I’m going to miss going on a Wednesday. Jo is lovely too 🙂


July 2014. Fantastic course, Elsa and I have both benefitted from it! Lovely ideas to help baby and they do work! I would highly recommend!


April 2014.  I have just recently started my greeting card business and contacted Jo within days of the April 2014 Baby Fair in Worcester.  This was my first ever fair so I really didn’t know what I was supposed to do but Jo was so welcoming and friendly that she made it quite easy.  There was a great atmosphere and I received some lovely feedback.  I will definitely be exhibiting with Jo again.


April 2014. I met Jo & Andy via Twitter, cheerful cherubs were organising and running a children & family fayre in Worcester which appealed to me as I was in the process of developing my reflexology business. I have had the majority of contact with Jo who has been incredibly professional & supportive. Her planning and information sharing has been thorough, she is very approachable & will go that extra mile to ensure that your needs are met. I look forward to working with Jo & Andy in the future.


May 2013. Jo offers small personal friendly classes that provide great benefit to you and your baby. By not over subscribing her classes you really feel that you get a good opportunity to learn the techniques and there’s also no pressure if baby decides they want a feed. As an added benefit Jo also encourages her clients to meet up at Cherub check ins, giving you the opportunity to make new friends and eat cake! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Jo that is!


March 2013. Hi Jo!  I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all of the baby massage ladies for being so understanding today with regards to my sons reflux. It makes him so upset (as you’ve heard during your sessions!) but am determined to help him with your wonderful massage techniques! I can’t wait till next week and will recommend you to everyone I know!


Dec 2012. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the wonderful sessions. One of my main worries with L was that she was struggling with separation anxiety (she wouldn’t leave my side and would scream if I was too far away!) The sessions were informative and I learnt loads but apart from that I feel that L has developed socially. This was due to you making us feel welcome and L feeling very safe during the classes – so thank you!


Oct 2012. Cheerful Cherubs baby massage was a relaxed and friendly way to meet other mums and to help my baby boy chill out. The sessions were professional yet straightforward and comfortable. I would highly recommend Jo and her service to anyone.


Aug 2012. Thanks Jo for a lovely course, it was great to meet you and the other mums.The group size was perfect and I felt really relaxed when my daughter cried or needed to feed.Having a varied routine means I can pick out bits or do the whole routine depending on her mood, and it definitely helped her sleep and relieve constipation! The booklet is great to help me remember what we covered back home as well. Will come to the catch ups in the future.


July 2012. Fantastic class – Jo is lovely, very experienced and friendly – our son took to her straight away. Very relaxing and informative. Jo also came to our home and did some one-to-one massage and Reuben slept so well afterwards – more relaxed than ever. I have continued with the massage and it has definitely helped, especially when Reuben started teething. Shame I live so far away now as I would love to come back for a refresher :0))


June 2012. I’ve exhibited at all of the baby fairs organised by Cheerful Cherubs and from an exhibitors point of view they are extremely well organised and the contacts I have made through attending the fairs have been invaluable in taking my company forward. I have always found Jo to be approachable and well organised and the success of her baby fairs is a testament to her.


June 2012. I took the four week class with my son who was 10 weeks old when we started. It was great to learn the techniques and good to do after bath time. Massage has had a great calming effect and is now part of our bedtime routine. The classes were small and relaxed, so no dramas if the little one was not in the mood for participating that session. I would highly recommend baby massage to all parents.


May 2012. I decided to try the four week baby massage course when my baby seemed to have trapped wind to see if it could make a difference. It definitely helped and my daughter enjoyed it very much! Really useful to find different things to try to relax her and to help with colicy symptoms etc. The course was led by Jo who i found to be very friendly and professional. The classes are small and personal and if the babies cry, Jo is brilliant! Well worth the money and i would absolutely recommend the massage course!


March 11. My daughter and I really enjoyed the classes, Jo came to our home which was great and relaxed. Jo was really patient with my daughter who got a little bored the first time, we will use these techniques for many years to come, especially the ones to song which we both enjoy! We were hoping that the massage would help for sleep, we are working on this!! I am just waiting for my husband to try the massage out on me now! Thanks Jo 🙂


February 2011. I’ve been to baby massage with both of my boys (eldest is nearly 3 and the youngest 8 months). Both I feel benefitted from the sessions and they still enjoy being massaged now. Jo at Cheerful Cherubs is a great instructor very friendly and easy to talk to. I would recommend her sessions.


My son loves baby massage and he started when he was 6 weeks old. Jo is lovely – really friendly and doesn’t mind if baby needs feeding or cries during the session – she is fantastic with the babies.


March 11.The classes are small and informal, and you are given easy to follow instructions with diagrams to take home, so you can do a full massage on baby at home without having to try to remember! It is a lovely feeling when you see your little one respond to massage and relax. The massage helps with colic and constipation – i can vouch for this one! Some movements are done to rhyme which is good fun for mum and baby, heightening the bonding experience. If your baby doesn’t like being stripped down to nappy, you can do it with clothes on and Jo shows you different ways to hold your baby and still complete the massage if baby isn’t keen on lying flat.


I highly recommend Jo and massage is something that my son and I will continue for years to come!


Joanna is very helpful and pleasant and makes the babies and mums feel very comfortable and the classes are small so you feel able to ask questions. The notes are good so you can start the routine at home. There are different moves for things like colic, constipation and teething and the gymnastic moves are a favourite for my daughter.


Jan 11. I would definitely recommend Cheerful Cherubs to other mums, it is a lovely thing to learn to help relax your baby and to bond with them.


Feb 10. My baby loves going to baby massage, she really seems to enjoy the classes and will lie there for the entire session without a problem. She also takes a long nap afterwards!


Nov 09. Jo is lovely, a really great teacher with a very relaxed attitude, feels like you’ve known her for years after just a few minutes! The baby massage classes are lovely and its such a nice thing to do after bath time, my son loves it. Sensory time looks like great fun too! xx


July 09. Since starting baby massage, Emmie has become more relaxed and her sleeping pattern has improved. It is a relaxing and enjoyable experience which strengthens the special bond between mother and baby. It is also very enjoyable for Daddy and big sister Lauren. I highly recommend this wonderful experience.
Jo Jo and Emmie


March 09. Hi Jo I just want to say a big thank you for teaching me how to do baby massage. You are a great tutor & Aaron & I both thoroughly enjoyed our time at the massage group. I definitely found it helped him sleep & relax. Many thanks again for creating such a lovely group.


Feb 09. I really enjoyed the class and E enjoyed it too!


Feb 09. I loved the class, it creates a nice bond and G loved it!


Feb 09. A very relaxed and exciting class with very clear and informative instruction.


Feb 09. Hi was really good to see you as well,sorry Gemma was so grizzly she didn’t sleep long. I gave her a massage last night after her bath and we had a really good night and day today, thank you so much for coming over.

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