Holistic treatments for you & your children

Our focus is your health & wellbeing,

Through our treatments you could improve your concentration, feel more empowered, relieve pain, and aid relaxation.
Indian Head Massage and Reiki Holistic Therapies

Holistic Therapies include:


Relieve pain & anxiety and promote relaxation in babies, children and adults. This is one of the most popular holistic therapies.

Indian Head Massage

Relieve stress & tension in head, neck and shoulders leaving in feeling more relaxed.

Hopi Ear Candling

Relieve sinus pain, hay fever, headaches,  dizziness and much more in children and adults

Pregnancy bump

We can help with:


Although there are numerous reasons for infertility, it is known that stress can have an impact.


Are you feeling nauseous, exhausted or anxious about labour?

Postnatal Depression

Postnatal depression can be frightening and stressful, or leave you feeling lonely and at a loss.

Pamper Party

Ladies, why not book one of my Pamper Parties and get together with a few of your ‘Mum’ friends?

Invite them along to your home for a coffee morning, afternoon or evening of pampering and relaxation. Each guest will receive a 30 minute treatment of their choice. You won’t even need to find babysitters as the other mums in the group can care for the Cherubs during treatments.

All we need is enough space to set up a couch ( or a chair if you opt for head, neck and shoulder massage) either in a separate room or if preferred in the same room as you are holding your Pamper Party. Treat yourself and your friends to a girls’ night in, and have some fun! Suitable for Baby showers, Hen nights, Birthdays, House warming and much more.

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