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We are often asked which massage medium is the best to use for baby massage. We always suggest that organic is best for you and your baby. It is up to you if you choose a fragrant or non-fragrant oil or lotion. Whilst fragrances such as lavender and coconut can be pleasant and relaxing, if you are using baby massage for bonding please make sure that you use a fragrant-free medium such as grapeseed, so that your baby is aware of your scent rather than the one that you are applying.

It is of course parental preference but please ensure that the oil or lotion used is suitable for the age of your baby.

We use Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic products in our baby massage classes in Worcester and we highly recommend them, so much so that Jo Kelsall is now a Neal’s Yard consultant. This not only means that she is on hand to advise you about the best products for you, but you can also purchase them directly at a baby massage class or you can buy on line from her website, and delivered straight to your door. Neal’s Yard caters for every one, a wide range of products suitable for the whole family, body wash, food supplements, beauty products, gift sets and our favourite little blue bottle that got us signed up to Neal’s Yard in the first place. Hand defence spray – no more dry, cracked or itchy hands from alcohol hand gel, this little gem smells fabulous and leaves hands silky soft and germ free, perfect for your handbag or baby bag!


Neal’s Yard Organic Hand Defence Spray


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