Baby Massage with Cheerful Cherubs

Soothe & calm with Baby Massage

Since 2009 we have helped parents to relieve their baby's colic, reflux and anxiety with a natural approach through our relaxed and fun baby massage sessions. Contact us

Why Cheerful Cherubs Baby Massage?

  • Promotes sleep for you and your baby
  • Boosts immune system
  • Strengthens the bond between you and your baby
  • Aids digestion

Through your loving bond and nurturing touch you can enjoy some fun-filled quality time with your baby, promoting communication, relaxation and sleep. Baby massage is a lifelong tool for your parenting toolbox, helping you to understand your baby’s emotions and it can even support a natural approach to common infant conditions such as anxiety, teething and constipation. Cheerful Cherubs was established in 2009, are based in Worcester, England and provide small friendly classes at various locations. We also offer home visits. Experience the loving art of baby massage.

Jo’s welcoming, relaxed teaching style made the classes very enjoyable and baby massage is a lovely, bonding experience for mum and baby.


We love receiving feedback from our clients. Please visit our testimonials page to see what people are saying about us. If you’ve experienced baby massage with us or have attended one of our fairs we’d love to hear from you.

Jo offers small personal friendly classes that provide great benefit to you and your baby. By not over subscribing her classes you really feel that you get a good opportunity to learn the techniques and there’s also no pressure if baby decides they want a feed.


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